Data-Driven Yield Management

Product Branding and Website


Branding, Web Design/Development, Marketing & Advertising Materials

Ever since the invention of the ad server in 1995, publishers have been working to optimize yield and increase programmatic revenue. Whether you call it artificial intelligence or just algorithmic optimization, the objective of the Yieldex platform is to take on the more complex repetitive work of yield optimization, allowing customers more time for strategic thinking. Delivering that message to a chaotic and overly saturated marketplace was a challenge that we were excited to take, based on our previous experience with advertising and marketing technologies.

We designed the Yieldex brand and website to be as tech-forward and simple to understand as possible.

Website Design
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Branding & Identity
Advertising Technology

Maximizing Publisher Revenue

The end goal of the product is simple and clear. Maximize publisher revenue. To convey this straightforward market message while encapsulating all the market advantage benefits & features to a highly technical audience in a clear and concise way is always a challenge. And when you own +90% of the marketshare the remaining target market becomes a challenge. We worked with Yieldex to deliver an overall brand package consisting of the company identity and product suite identities as well as creating a new website and marketing materials.

Delivering a Flexible System

When designing a website it's important to develop and deliver usable standards, guidelines and systems. We delivered a flexible, templated layout that could grow as new features and functionalities were added to the product and business lines.

A Simple UI

A simple, brand aligned UI that included the product divisions and stunning hero graphics were used to grab attention and deliver the messages to differentiate the product as best-in-class.