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Teachers have continued to struggle with the challenges of finding and integrating learning games into their daily curriclulum. Wouldn't it be great if there was an educational gaming platform with curated content organized by grade level and subject and had school district approved content and a high percentage adoption rate and ease of integration. Introducing Thinkzone, an interactive web-based educational gaming platform for both teachers and students with curriculum compliant content that synchronizes with the most commonly used curriculums in use today.

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A 21st Century Learning Solution

The goal of education is to prepare students with both the knowledge and thinking skills required to collaborate and compete in a challenging, globally connected 21st-­century world. One innovative space where federal grant support has increased over the past few years is serious games. Growing evidence demonstrating that games can be used to improve standards-based content understanding and to build 21st century skills at scale in the classroom if teachers are provided with sufficient training and good game-based curricula. Thinkzone was modeled and developed to meet these 21st-century needs in the classroom for both teachers and students.

Competing with Textbooks

Thinkzone is a game-based, blended learning and commerce portal bringing EdTech companies and education together into a single consortium to maximize the learning impact of first-rate, evidence based games. It creates an effective 21st-century learning system viable of truly competing with the traditional text-book publishers and content providers.

A Classroom Outside the Class

The portal accessible via mobile or desktop creates a teaching and learning platform that provides a learning system to both train educators to be more successful teaching across the core subjects areas while simultaneously becoming more comfortable teaching with games and technology and teaches students the most crucial foundational concepts across the core subjects.


• A high-quality, game-based learning portal that is designed to transform learning for teachers and students.

• A game-based learning system where both teachers and students can experience learning in the K-8 core disciplines AND develop the necessary skills and dispositions required to be 21st-century problem-solvers and decision-makers.

• Multi-audience supportive resources and instructive guides to lead and support teachers and students through all learning and skill-building tasks.

• Curricula for math, science, social studies, and language arts, partnered with transdisciplinary and 21st-century skill-building experiences that bring authentic learning, contemporary perspectives, and current issues to teaching and learning tasks across the core subjects.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping

The Thinkzone Education Portal

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