Soul of the Peruvian Andes

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Soul of the Peruvian Andes

Logo, Visual Identity, Website

SoPA, a 501(c)(3) organization, exists to create a Peruvian Andes where poverty has been eradicated and where adequate health care, nutrition and educational systems have been established for the residents of the area – especially its children – so that they can live in healthy and productive communities with dignity and respect.

SoPA was already making a huge difference with so little, though their branding and web presence were holding them back from engaging a wider audience. We knew our expertise could make a difference, motivating us to provide SoPA with pro-bono creative.

Brand Strategy
Logo & Visual Identity Design
Custom Illustration
Information Architecture
User Experience
Website Design & Development
Humanitarian Aid

Branding & Visual Identity

A quick glance at the non-profit world reveals well-intentioned, but often weak, marks and hardly any visual identity to differentiate one from another. This is an honorable consequence, as NGOs place their attention and funding where they can make the most impact. But – as skilled communicators, we were inspired: A redesign of SoPA’s visual identity and web presence could legitimize the organization in the eyes of many more, with the potential to increase donations and put more boots on the ground.

We designed a logo that is uplifting and captures the spirit of the organization – the Andes remote, beautiful geography, the culture of its people, the altruism of its volunteers, and the urgency of its mission. The SoPA mark provides a hub from which an illustrative style and colorful visual language cam radiate from, imparting vision while resonating with its humble origins.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Brand Strategy, Logo & Visual Identity Design

A Compelling Web Presence

A digital presence is a prerequisite for legitimacy and solicitation for any NGO, however a site that communicates poorly can be just as harmful as not having one at all. It has to honor the humanity of those in need, and it must inspire action. To reach as many people as possible, SoPA needed a responsive design. To engage as many doctors, volunteers, donors, and professionals as possible, we needed to inspire with photography and effective copy. Further, we had to make this an effective tool for years to come for SoPA’s leadership. A user-friendly Content Management System was imperative; the ability to solicit donations directly through the site a must.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Information Architecture, Copywriting, Custom Illustration, Web Design

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The end result is proving very effective for SoPA. We are proud to direct you to - Be inspired, donate, and get involved.