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Sonobi Jetstream Product UX/UI


UX/UI, Product Design, Marketing Materials

Sonobi is an independent people-based technology company that connects advertisers directly with individuals. Sonobi’s JetStream technology is transforming the business of traditional impression-based advertising, unifying comScore 250 premium publishers and Fortune 500 advertisers, thus enabling them to directly collaborate in order to create and deliver more addressable communication plans for the people that matter most — consumers. As Sonobi's business model moved towards a more consumer-oriented focus the product platform needed to align with a more user-friendly UI. We assisted in providing the user experience design and interface design to vastly improve usability of their premier Jetstream technology and also aligning with their recently updated brand refresh in 2017.

Product Interface Design
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Jetstream is a powerful platform created for Advertisers, Brands and Publishers. The Advertising Technology tool is extraordinarily complex and the original user interface was not intuitive or easy to use. Finding inspiration in the name "Jetstream" we embarked on a complete overhaul of the user experience to create a simplified, streamlined user experience that aligns with human interface guidelines and best practices while also allowing the deep feature sets and functionalities to be one click away for users. Quick, powerful and efficient was the goal.

Create Audiences That Matter

Advertising and Marketing is always goal-oriented, and our objective is to keep media planning and messaging consumer focused and human. Jetstream is a hands-on technology that creates a more centralized planning and delivery workflow to connect ideas, products, and experiences to the most relevant consumers where they engage with publishers, platforms and relevant properties across the internet. Usability is a must for an application that sees planners utilizing it on a daily basis.

Data is Plannable and Predictable

Building relationships and creating ad products that deliver real value to advertisers and buyers is a key metric. Jetstream accomplishes this by delivering engaging experiences to your most important asset, your audiences. Plug into audiences when and where it matters with Sonobi’s fully integratable forecasting, planning and activation tools, which allow you, in real-time, to identify opportunities to directly match real-consumer data and strategies with industry-leading publishers and media brands.

In Addition...

In addition to completely overhauling the Jetstream product user interface, we have been responsible for designing marketing materials for several Sonobi marketing initiatives.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping, Marketing Materials

Additional Thoughts

“Sonobi was in incredible partner to work with during the agile and iterative process overhauling the UI of their product. Their team is technically one of the finest development teams around with deep knowledge while being lightning fast and responsive. The product Jetstream is named that for a reason..."

Executive Producer, Armchair