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Product Launch Lookbook


Graphic Design

As the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launched, Samsung Mobile increased credibility within the fashion space by conveying their key product messages within a fashion context. Akin to Fashion Houses deploying their lookbook for media and buyers, we created a Samsung lookbook within the visual and written lexicon of fashion editors. Paired with fashion photography and design inspiration sources, this lookbook served to spur this seamless new smartphone onto the pages and sites of fashion publications worldwide.

This project was created with love and in tandem with DeVries Global PR.

Lookbook Conceptualization
Layout & Design
Art Direction
Photo Direction and Sourcing
Consumer Electronics

Visual Inspiration Reigns Supreme

Every top-level editor knows this marketer game. Hundreds of products are thrust their way annually with hopes of well-positioned editorial coverage. However, as the first phone with a wrap-around screen, finding editorial coverage wasn't the primary challenge. Instead, our goal was to place Samsung's sleek new technology at the nexus of design, function, fashion, and beauty. To do this, we included language and inspirational reference in the form of seasonal runway shows, jewelry, architecture, and beauty.