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Social Recommendation App


App Conceptualization, Design/Development, Product Marketing

Using social apps to share news celebrity gossip is easy. We wanted to know how we could skip thousands of Tweets and discover music, movies, TV shows, and books recommended by our friends and favorite influencers. Enter RecRoom, the app that skips the endless selfies and political rants, getting right to the good stuff.

We designed RecRoom to be as simple a mobile experience as Twitter and Instagram, with a very practical twist…

Product Conceptualization
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Agile Prototyping

Fire It Up

Need new music ideas for your next run in the park? Going on a 6-hour flight and desperate for a great book suggestion? Sick of scrolling frustratingly through Netflix in search of something to watch? We designed RecRoom’s UX/UI to be all about the Rec, not the room. It’s as simple a mobile experience as Twitter and Instagram… Launch RecRoom and see your stream, filled with cultural recommendations from everyone you follow.

Keep it Fresh

Place and keep up to 12 ‘Recs' in each of your 4 Rooms—or streams. Each time you add a new Rec, one of the existing 12 drops into the Archives section of your Room. The images and data are pulled straight from the APIs of entertainment, media, and publishing companies. And, when you post in your Room, you have the option of adding a caption. Plus, your followers can Like or Comment on your Recs. Showing the world what immaculate taste you have has never been slicker.

Sticky Fingers

We took advantage of some new features in Apple’s iOS – RecRoom seamlessly connects to the apps you already have installed, all by itself. Want to listen to that new Adele album that your Uncle Mort is raving about? You’re only a tap away from listening to it in iTunes Music or Spotify. RecRoom puts it all together.


• A RecScore for each user, based on how often they post new Recs and how often their followers then post the same Rec in their own Rooms—a re-Rec, if you will.

• Ongoing, regularly updated Top 12 lists in each of the four categories for each user, based on how popular each Rec is.

• Pre-Rec: Sample several seconds of a song that has been Rec’d by someone, watch the trailer for a Rec’d movie, read a page from a book Rec…

• Future versions will allow followers to buy songs or albums, books, TV episodes or seasons, movie downloads and tickets with just one click in their RecRoom stream.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping

Additional Thoughts

“Recroom is all about giving the people what they want, when they want it. Curated long form media recommendations at your fingertips from peers and influencers is filling a niche that is begging to be filled."

Executive Producer, Armchair