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Recording Connection

Branding Refresh, Web Design, Messaging

From audio engineering technicians to creative-minded producers, Recording Connection places thousands of students into real-life studios under the mentorship of (often famous) working professionals. Our charge was to update an antiquated vibe and dated UX to inspire, differentiate, and drive validation for a mixed audience ranging from prospective students to parents to high-school guidance counselors across the country.

The message: Bypass the egregious student loans and the 4-year institutions. Get into a studio and learn real-life skills from serious professionals.

We brought this hands-on excitement to a CTA-driven brochureware site.

Brand Refresh
Top-line Messaging
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Design
Music & Entertainment / Education

Site Objectives

The legacy site was SEO-centric to the detriment of the UX. As such, our design objectives were clear: Create a UX and messaging that inspires those with career-ready aspirations (and therefore increasing the rate of qualified applicants) without disrupting the legacy SEO results. This was accomplished through smart architecture that supported massive page content, responsive modularity, and a potent CTA strategy.

Keep it Fresh

We quickly moved away from a layered, vibrant collage-style visual identity in favor of a simple color scheme, strong color palette, and modern typography. All stock images were cleared away and only authentic, in-studio or mentor/artist images were allowed. The colors and type skew toward the largely masculine application pool but maintain a cleanliness that focused the user on actionable items.

Similarly, messaging moved away from flamboyant headlines, instead pointing users at valuable details of the program. This strategy worked to weed out unqualified candidates and focuses the user journey for those that are qualified.


• A geography-based interface that integrates local mentors, studios, mapping, and location-specific CTAs.

• Streamlined curriculum overviews for dozens of programs and hundreds of lessons without interfering with strong SEO driver.

• Fully responsive template and Website Style Guide for continued growth and application to hundreds of sub-pages.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Style Guide