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Qualia - Comprehensive Rebranding

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A company named ‘Local Response’ came to Armchair as they were evolving from geo-location targeting to becoming a pioneer of ‘intent targeting’ in advertising technology. To create a new brand that shined as an industry leader, we had to dispense with industry jargon, humanizing and simplifying written/visual language within a complicated and highly-technical industry.

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Visual Identity Design
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Advertising Technology

Understanding a Technical USP

We were asked to create a new brand that embodies Qualia’s unique technological advantage. To meet this challenge, we first had to dig deep to understand Qualia’s very technical USP about ‘intent targeting’ to humanize its core messaging. Simply put, ‘intent targeting’ means unlocking big data with serious algorithms, yielding sophisticated models of individual consumers' purchase intentions… the intentions that make us human: What we want, and what we intend to do.


Call it ‘Qualia’

Our naming process arrived at a name that fits the new brand perfectly: The term Qualia (def: individual instances of conscious experience) perfectly fits the core offerings of this company. They collect and analyze an individual's online actions and declarations, identifying those primed for purchase, serving online advertising to consumers who are ready to engage. This is a much more efficient and humanistic model; users' time and desire are highly targeted and smartly timed, resulting in more efficient use of advertising dollars. In a marketplace saturated by false promises and boasting, the insinuation of quality through technology is imperative.


Finding Qualia’s Voice

The adTech industry is full of jargon; to communicate effectively we had to tune Qualia’s voice to cut through the tech-speak. We worked with our copywriting team to strategize and develop a written voice and tone that pairs with the visual identity, speaking to their audience like humans with a common, empathetic goal. Their playful and direct written tone evokes the same style and acumen that their clients will get when their high-energy team is in the room.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Messaging Strategy, Copywriting

The Logo and Extension

The Qualia logo is a visual portrayal of the instances that the name embodies – each dot represents a tweet, a Google search, a comment, a Facebook like… Qualia resides in the center, collecting and analyzing the data. 

While the logo represents the macro view, we designed a visual identity system that gets in closer. The system is vibrant and exciting, while able to remain consistent and repeatable. We crafted a potent color palate, created a custom iconography library defining the key ‘intent signals’, and defined typography. The usage of these elements is captured in Qualia’s Brand Guidelines document, and the system applied to many communication elements.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Logo Design, Visual Identity Design, Brand Guidelines, Collateral Application

Developing a Digital Presence

The cornerstone of the modern brand’s communication is the website – we were asked to create a highly-communicative, visually stunning website. We designed and developed a clean, smart browsing experience, punctuated with responsive design, HTML5-driven animations, and a custom CMS that allows Qualians (as they like to be called) to keep their site’s content on the cutting edge.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI, Responsive Web Design & Development, HTML 5 Animation, Custom CMS


“A huge thank you to Armchair for creating our beautiful new brand! We are thrilled with the quality of your work and how it has elevated our image and messaging. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”