Native OS Application

Built for iOS App Creation

Market-entry Branding & Materials for a Tech Start-up


Branding, Brand Collateral, Web Design

This is a story of lightweight, quick-to-market branding on a start-up budget. Project focus was limited to a visual identity and logo that aligned with the larger-than-life mission of this fledgling tech company — to make iOS app development into the hands of designers through an intuitive interface that required limited knowledge of coding.

The identity is future-forward, with a simplicity that showcases power without over-promising scale. It is comfortable for use with a company that is a shoe-string operation or a growth brand. This spectrum of potential is gracefully written into a tagline that both promotes the company launch and the product benefits at the same time.

Additional project scope included interface and iconographic design for the product platform.

Logo Design
Visual ID
Website Design
Brand Collateral Design
UX/UI Design
Agile Prototyping
B2B Software

Single-serving Website

Following the Armchair mantra 'Spend when you should, not when you can' dictated that this small company needed a simple promo website for pre-launch. This tiny site sells a promise of a better future without getting into the weeds.

Communication Necessities

Not dissimilar to many smaller clients that come to us with big visions, Producer had a long list of communication dreams. As part of our consultative role, we discovered the immediate needs were much smaller and focused their shoe-string budget on only the most effective and strategic channels. In this case, they were attending many live events and needed to maintain enthusiasm with a small following via email.