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App Development

Storytelling is one of the most valuable forms of human expression, and an essential way for children to experience and engage new and exciting worlds, information and ideas. Realizing the vast potential of emerging mobile technology, we created our own, independent children's brand that focuses entirely on storytelling for touchscreen devices, and creating apps that encourage children to read.

To date, our apps have won several awards, and have been downloaded over one million times worldwide.

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Building a Better Book Engine

All One Hundred Robots apps work on a universal and proprietary book engine platform that we developed specifically for supporting interactive content on a non-linear story-telling infrastructure.This highly flexible architecture allows dynamic content flow and supports customized interactive content, including motion graphics and animations. All apps include user-set preferences – users may toggle on and off high-quality sound effects, soundtrack music, and listen to professionally recorded narration, allowing them to follow along and learn to read using the read-to-me or read-to-self features.

Magic In Illustration

Whether on paper or under glass, a key element of children’s publishing is in the beauty and imagination of the illustrators. Through One Hundred Robots, we have had the opportunity to work with award-winning illustrators including Gerald Guerlais on our Cinderella app, and Bill Ledger for our interactive The Night Before Christmas.

Custom Animation and Interactivity

Each app is rich in custom animations used for both active storytelling and transitions. There are interactive elements throughout which are used to enhance and directly relate to the storyline. Custom interactions and animation take advantage of the technology in-hand to ensure that each experience is magical.

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