Local Planet

The Local International Media Network

A Naming and Rebranding Blitz

Local Planet

Naming, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Brand Standardization

The only privately-owned international media network, Columbus Media International, was rebranding to better harness the spirit and hunger of local independent media agencies. This external restructure differentiated them from global media agency solutions and allowed them to increase their coverage by engaging additional local agencies and clients across the global.

Our challenge was to make them large enough to compete with the reach of global agencies while highlighting their unique and authentic local connections.

Company Naming
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Brand Standardization
Brand Application
Media Agency

Concurrent Exploration of Naming, Logo Design, Vis ID – Oh My!

Frenzied from the start, this project required all primary components to be completed in a matter of weeks. Concurrent generation of a company name, logo and visual ID required tight planning and flexible design concepts that pair equally well, regardless of client choice. Our presentations were focused on decision-making instead of ongoing exploration. And in the end, our client was wonderfully decisive and the name Local Planet was ultimately chosen.

Setting the Standards Globally

The challenge of an umbrella company that simultaneously works with media agencies in 20+ different countries is creating a visual and communication system that has a unique voice AND pairs with their individual identities appropriately. Local Planet opted for a bold yet diverse color palette, masculine typography, strong lines, and authentic photography aiming to capture local culture.

Additional Thoughts

“Armchair got us, understood the objectives quickly, and worked with structure and clarity to make our rebrand very successful. Amazing creative, smart process, smart team."

Tugce Caglayan
Director, International Brand Strategy
Local Planet