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Co-marketing Campaign, Design, Advertising

Crossing-over to B2C is a dream of many B2B brands, but Lenzing’s TENCEL® fiber has been making prêt-a-porte more comfortable and sustainable for years already. The brand was ready to cross the chasm. Mavens of style were ready to hear that it’s thanks to Lenzing’s TENCEL that they love their favorite pair of jeans so much.

We imagined and designed a ShopStyle Shop that featured premium denim brands, drove traffic to the shop via advertising, email and social, and amplified awareness with content from the most chic bloggers and editorial sites.

Program Strategy & Planning
Partner Brand Pitching
Campaign Design 
Social Media
Email Promotion  
Campaign Management
Ready-to-Wear Fashion

Getting Eyes on ShopStyle

To make a measurable impact on traffic, a modest advertising campaign simply wouldn’t do. We devised a multi-tiered inbound strategy, tapping and Refinery29 with advertising buys, written content and social media

Participating brands joined in with custom-made creative for their Instagram and Twitter accounts, and with their own blog content.

Messaging that Spans B2B and B2C

We couldn’t leave the B2B market in the dark with what we were doing. After all, more consumer awareness means more demand for TENCEL-based denim – their products. Bringing the B2C campaign to Lenzing’s traditional marketing environment reminded the industry that Lenzing was a market maker and leader.

Huge Cross-Channel Thrusts

Partnering with a handful of highly-trafficked fashion bloggers added unique voices to the campaign. Their perspectives added a testimonial authenticity, and their passionate audiences resulted in massive traffic numbers – but more importantly, put Lenzing's TENCEL into the lexicon of the fashion-forward for the first time.

Additional Thoughts

“Armchair were thoughtful and consultative. They created a beautiful and successful campaign, and helped us to understand how to think about measuring that success. The campaign earned over 2 million impressions in about three weeks… We couldn’t have asked for better. This was an important first step for us in B2C marketing.”

Director of Global Business Development, Denim at Lenzing