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SaaS Product Design and Brand Identity System

Industry Index

Brand Identity System and SaaS Product Design

Industry Index came to us with a brilliant mission: they planned to build a big-data driven technographics platform to finally make sense of the billions of daily signals that show how advertising technology is being used – and sometimes abused – so that all sides of the ecosystem could make smarter decisions.

We love early-stage products with branding components, so we suited up and dived headlong into the data lake.

Brand Architecture & Design 
Vis ID & Guidelines 
UX/UI Design 
Data Visualization
Sales and Investor Materials
Agile Prototyping 
Web Design and Development 
Iconography System 
White Paper & Research Design 
Marketing Automation Deployment 
Advertising & Marketing Technology

Product Design and Data Mapping

We took a seedling idea and designed multiple technology and communication solutions to address the potential customer needs. This included product and data mapping, user need prioritization, and information architecture.

With data as the product and 3 distinct audience types, the flow of content and data was crucial. A series of visualization techniques help uncover the integrations between products and the segmentations necessary to address audience clusters.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Product Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping

Branding & Visual Identity Design

Our approach was to design a visual identity that is unique and flexible, while unobtrusive. The resulting system punctuates Industry Index' purpose, and lets the data do the talking.

The color system stands apart from the many adTech industry tropes–friendly and vibrant, purposeful and instantly recognizable. The iconography nests neatly underneath the parent brand. The digital wayfinding icons of the technographics data platform are light and pictographic - driving attention to, rather than competing with, the gobs of adTech logo marks displayed in the data sets.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Logo, Brand Guidelines, Iconography Library, Custom Illustration, Digital Standards for UX LIbrary

UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping

In addition to a marketing site, this product required a UX/UI for a SaaS product that digs through more than 5 million sites on a frequent basis. This data demonstrates where mar/adTech company offerings are firing, to whom they are leaking data, customer lists, and standards compliance.

Millions of data points are displayed for multiple points of view, organized by at least three distinct user types, and offer a high level of statistical detail. Integrations include both eCommerce and a sophisticated marketing automation tool.

Did we mention it also has a blog?

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Informational Hierarchies, Visual Design, Editorial Content Design for Public Release

Additional Thoughts

“Armchair felt like our in-house design team when we were in the early days Industry Index starting up. Their knowledge of the space, plus a willingness to think design problems through with purpose, gave their design great depth. I couldn't have found that anywhere else."

Jonathon Shaevitz
President, Industry Index