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Horizon Media - Voyager App

App Design/Development

As a leader in Out Of Home (OOH) media planning, Horizon built a media lab housing the twelve most innovative OOH technologies (interactive flat screen devices for public arenas, including everything from gas pumps to sports bars to airplane seatbacks). We were tapped to create an interactive app to augment the in-lab experience, serve as a teaching tool for sales teams, as live as an experience onto itself.

Product Concept
App Design
Technical Illustration
Voiceover Recording
Sound Design
iOS Development
User Testing
Enterprise Deployment
Media Agency
Advertising Technology

Choose Your Own Adventure

A key requirement of The Voyager app was that it had to serve content based upon user preference. Some were interested in technical device data, others in ways to connect with specific target audiences, and both deserved separate narratives. UX strategy was doubled to create a flexible UI that is clear and allows users to toggle between separate experiences, per OOH media device.


Complementary Experiences

Designing the UI called for creating custom digital illustrations, maps, custom photography, and animated data visualizations for each of the twelve OOH media devices. The app presents enriching information for users in the OOH Media Lab, while educating remote users thoroughly on use cases, unique capabilities and other data highly-relevant to media planning duties.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UI Design, Data Visualization & Animation

Sound Design

To truly understand the devices showcased in the Voyager app, users needed to do more than read copy and view animated graphs. Audio creates an immersive experience, and voiceover narration allows more of the story to be told without demanding the user read tons of copy. We created custom audio landscapes, sound effects, and audio-based interaction cues to capture users’ attention, driving longer engagement times and deeper learning.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Voiceover Recording, Sound Design, Audio Production

Enterprise Delivery

The app was developed exclusively for iPad, and beyond development, we took Horizon Media through the process of becoming an Apple-approved Enterprise Deployment company, allowing them discrete control over the release and control of this proprietary app. Further, we selected and implemented a metrics platform, providing insight into both user interactions and goals for future versions.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: iOS Development, Enterprise Delivery Solution, Metrics Implementation

Additional Thoughts

“Our work unifying content from twelve different technology vendors is the unsung hero of this project. Each vendor was careful to part with their proprietary data, and telling a cohesive story via two separate narratives for twelve different devices – each with unique applications and capabilities – required bulletproof Project Management skills."

Account Director, Armchair