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Media Planning for the 21st Century

Web Application Design & Development

Horizon Media AMP

Web Application Design & Development

The Out of Home (OOH) team at Horizon Media approached hoping we could solve a problem: Planning outdoor media – everything from billboards to mall kiosks to bus stop posters – was a tedious and time-consuming activity. The team lived in spreadsheets, data representing inventory was not normalized, it was hard to implement newly-available digital datasets, and visualizing potential placements in Google Maps was a one-by-one, slow process.

We were asked to develop an all-in-one desktop planning application that ingests inventory geolocation from multiple vendor sources over an accurate map, displays audience targeting heatmaps, and allows OOH media buys to be plotted, viewed, and planned to ensure optimal performance.

Product Conceptualization
Information Architecture
Automated Data Integration
UX/UI Design
Product Branding
Agile Prototyping
Database Development
Front & Backend Development
Enterprise Deployment
Media Agency

API Intergrations

The OOH team were used to using Google Maps in-browser, taking screenshots along the way. We built our platform around the Google Maps API, which provided a powerful baseline for plotting and viewing inventory at both the macro and micro levels, including the ability to look at a unit of OOH inventory in street view.

We then worked with several of Horizon’s OOH audience and inventory partners, allowing the app to plot both individual units based on geolocation, and to overlay unit-specific data and heatmaps of user interactions with those units.

Putting It All Together

Executing and purchasing against the plan is the ultimate objective of Horizon’s AMP platform. And, when you’re planning a media buy for a major brand, serious inventory volume is involved. The final output of this platform required an ability to export completed media plans for the procurement team that was highly accurate. Plus, we had and a method of re-ingesting alternate options as they came back from vendors.

Once a plan is in its final output format, Horizon can work with major OOH inventory owners in an interactive process, discovering inventory availability, alternatives due to unavailable inventory, and negotiating pricing to meet all campaign objectives.


• Intuitive UX/UI for complicated OOH media planning.

• Sophisticated API Integrations with Google Maps, Inventory Providers and Audience Data Technologies Multi-stage media planning and editing

• Multi-stage media planning and editing

• Database of previous/current media plans available for recall and editing

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Agile Prototyping, Design, Development & Deployment

Additional Thoughts

“To make our work on the Horizon Media AMP platform meaningful, we had to bring all of our experience and discipline to the table. Refining a complicated, multi-screen, multi-channel process to an intuitive and efficient user experience was very rewarding. Horizon's OOH department is very good at what they do – now they can do it even better."

Executive Producer, Armchair