From Challenger to AdTech Champion

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Freewheel - Agency of Record

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Our work with FreeWheel began with a simple ask – help us visualize and explain our adTech marketplace offerings with clarity. What we didn't know was that this one task would turn into a rewarding multi-year relationship and a brilliant partnership, working to turn a rising star into a premier Comcast brand.

Our work with FreeWheel is among our heaviest lifts – and greatest success stories.

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Thought Leadership Backed by Big Data

FreeWheel was not only growing by leaps and bounds in marketshare – they had acquired another adTech company to broaden their offerings to the marketplace, and were adding new capabilities rapidly as they became a household name (at least, in AdTech households). With the evolution in capabilities, FreeWheel's visual identity needed a refresh to wrap its arms around all offerings and segments of the marketplace.

Our brand refresh took the brand's legacy visual identity elements – logo, colors, type – and imagined them as more mature, evolved versions of themselves.

This new visual identity, and accompanying style guideline, was applied to all brand collateral. Most strikingly, we applied this new visual language to FreeWheel's extensive data visualization efforts. As the leading video solution in adTech, their entire look and feel is now as sophisticated as the data and insights they publish to guide the market.

Follow the Leader

FreeWheel sits as the center of the advanced TV ecosystem – one of the most data rich, informed and insightful organizations in the space. Communicating why, how, and where the video advertising ecosystem is heading is the responsibly of their insights teams.

Working with the insights teams to create printed and digital, data-rich communications comprises the majority of our work together. Outputs include print and digital versions of their Quarterly Video Monetization Reports, Signature Insights, FreeWheel Council and FreeWheel Council Europe white papers.

Additional Thoughts

"Playing our role in the arc of the FreeWheel story has demanded that our creative stay sharp, and our consultative strategy even sharper. Seeing this brand through from challenger to Comcast's cornerstone advertising division has challenged our thinking and resulted in some of our finest work to date."

Principal, Armchair