Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.

Spinning a Global Brand

Agency of Record

Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. - Agency of Record

Advertising, Marketing Communications, Website Design

It takes more than great design for us to serve as Buhler’s Agency of Record. We work tirelessly to build brand equity and educate the industry on the benefits of their USA and Swiss-made yarns. Many companies in Buhler’s industry lament not having an in-house marketing department – Buhler will tell you that because of our work, they don’t need one.

Email Marketing
Environmental Design
Website Design
Website Development
Textile Manufacturing

Content is King

Copywriting is essential to our communication efforts for Buhler. For us to be successful partners, we have to dive deep into the textile industry — the landscape is simply too complex to get by on witty headlines alone. Fashion trends, International trade policies, climate and farming reports, and international economics must all be weighed in communicating to a very specialized, informed industry. This immersive effort allows us to write with meaning and accuracy for a client that leads the way in textiles.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Industry Research, Copywriting


The manufacturing side of fashion is both tightly-knit and global. Our approach to reaching an audience of fabric manufacturers, buyers and brand designers had to seem both personal (we understand your problems) and international (there are many overseas factors that affect sourcing decisions). Each campaign revolves around two factors: Product quality is astounding, and though competitive products are available, Buhler's suite of additional services and factors offer unique advantages. This combination has resulted in undeniable recognition as an industry leader.

Fine-tuned strategies, Beautiful partner photography, clean typography and smart copy allow Buhler's presence in advertising and marketing initiatives to stand out. To bring it all together, we manage a comprehensive media strategy, including planning, purchasing, and placement of campaigns in key industry publications.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Strategy, Planning, Print & Digital Ad Creative, Procurement & Management

Digital Marketing

Email messaging delivers deeper and more immediate content than can be achieved through advertising – supply chain expertise, crucial product benefit details, industry thought leadership and tradeshow announcements keep Buhler top-of-mind. Each month, we create and distribute custom email via both internally-managed contact lists (reaching over 7500 industry insiders) and through content-takeovers with partners including and (reaching over 50,000 loyal subscribers).

We are able to take this engagement one step further via our media partnerships. Key publications afford Buhler’s senior management op-ed opportunities, speaking to the industry outside the boundaries of advertising with pointed thought leadership.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: Email Marketing & Management, OpEd opportunities, Engagement & Metrics Analysis, Collateral Design

Web Design & Presence

Armchair is responsible for designing, developing and managing, With our deep industry knowledge and trust from Buhler, we created a site that is global (location-specific content and multi-language capabilities for western and European markets), state-of-the-art (fully-responsive for both desktop and mobile usage), and content-agile through a custom Content Management System (CMS). News and Press sections showcase tradeshow appearances, highlight interviews and press mentions, and allow Buhler to continue interactions that begin with advertising, driving deeper engagement and calls-to-action for users around the world.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDED: UX/UI, Responsive Web Design & Development, Custom CMS, Site Management


“Armchair continues to exceed our expectations at every level. Whether it’s our print ads, online advertising or website, Armchair creates eye catching imagery and focused messaging that communicates an strong, effective brand identity for Buhler Quality Yarns.”