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AFO - All For One Theater

Branding, Advertising, and Show Promotion

Since 2011, NYC-based AFO has produced over 50 acclaimed full-length solo Off-Broadway plays. This niche theater style presented a unique opportunity and challenge for re-branding and ongoing show promotion.

We created a designed system that connected each show touchpoint back to the established equity of the production company while allowing maximum real estate for unique show branding (so often requiring prominence of a single actor).

Logo Design
Promotional System Design
Advertising Design
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A New Narrative Every Show

Each show promotion required a singular focused image to capture the essence of the narrative. Drama? Yes. Horror? Yup. Travel, musicals, variety shows, tragedies? Those too. AFO's show variety is a designer's paradise – bringing fresh narratives to life for print and digital application. The pre-creative process included script readings, show previews, actor interviews, and producer/director collaboration.

This also begged for outside talent when narrative style so required. One such example shown here for My Name is Gideon, I'm Probably Going to Die Eventually – a beautiful illustration by Fernando Volken Togni, art directed by Elliott McCreadie.

Additional Thoughts

“The folks over at Armchair have been instrumental in giving my company the competitive edge we need in order to be noticed in an over-saturated market. From our new logo to our unique poster designs, Mark and his team found ways to break the mold, while still remaining just familiar enough that our core constituency knew immediately what we were selling."

Nick Cotz
Producing Director, AFO